Buffy El-Summers (classprotector) wrote in hesthemom,
Buffy El-Summers

The window looks different.

Joyce cocks her head, trying to see what changed about it. The window is completely unhelpful.

The window is her father's, although it's mostly her mother's too. Dad explained to Joyce when she was young that a magical girl had given him the window when they were in camp, and the window was what let him find mom. When Martha and Ema decided they'd rather live in Sunnydale, they'd moved all their things out through the windows, and dad had explained that Joyce could go visit anytime she wanted as long as she left a note.

Martha must have redecorated, Joyce decides finally. She climbs through the window, sighing. She needs Martha's advice.

The room does look different. She peers out into the hallway curiously and the house is different too.

"Huh," she says, not sure where to go from here.

"Kon, is that you?" asks a man's voice from downstairs.

"No!" Joyce calls. "Uh...I'm coming down."

She walks down the stairs to be greeted by a tall, solid man about the same age as her father. He looks familiar in a way she can't place; his dark brown hair is streaked gray, but he has a warm smile, and he seems happy to see her.

"You must be Joyce."

"Yeah..." she says, trying to place him.

"Your parents have told me a lot about you. I wanted to meet you, but we can't really visit a lot. It gets complicated." He shakes his head and grins. "Come into the kitchen, I'll get you something to eat."

Joyce follows. Outside, there are fields and fields of corn. "Looks like the Kent farm," she mutters without meaning to.

"It is," he says.

She blinks, first surprised that he heard her and then surprised by what he said. "What?"

"I'm Clark Kent," he explains.

Joyce tries to process this.

"I met your parents at camp--I know they told you about that."


"Me and...we're an alternate universe," other-Clark explains, handing her some lemonade and a cookie. "I was pretty surprised to see Kon visit after everything."

"You and who?" asks Joyce.

"Me and Lex."

"Lex Luthor?"

"He's not all bad," Clark defends, smiling. "Even if it took a while to convince your dad."

"You're friends?"

"More than friends," Clark clarifies.

Joyce blinks. "But you're Superman."

"I redesigned the costume," Clark grins. "Kon showed me the one I wear over there and I decided it wasn't me."

"Everyone knows Superman and Lex Luthor hate each other."

"That's in your world. Here...things are different."

"Does dad hate your Lex too?"

"Not as much as he used to," Clark says. "But they never really bonded."

"Is that why we've never visited?"

"Actually, Mr. Giles was afraid it would cause a rift in the space-time continuum."


"But I think that won't happen until after you finish your cookie."

"Was dad visiting?"

"Your mom, actually. She wanted one of my pies."

Joyce gapes. "Mom said that was a secret family recipe!"

"It is. Just not her family."

"No wonder she wouldn't teach me how to make it." Joyce loves baking, and the apple pies her mother occasionally had were something she'd always wanted to make. Now that she thinks about it, Joyce is pretty sure her mom never actually said she'd baked the pies, but it was implied.

"I could."

Joyce smiles. "What about the space-time continuum?"

"I think if you come over here, it'll be fine. There's no Joyce Summers in this world."

Joyce considers. "Is there a Supergirl?"


"I'm thinking about a change in occupation," she admits.

"No Supergirl. But we could use one."

Joyce smiles. It's a very nice farm.
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