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Buffy El-Summers

Post camp fic, inspired by watching too much season four. Kon POV, retardedness.

Kon had thought that finding Buffy would be the hard part, and that once he did find her, everything else would just follow logically.

So when he got out of Del's window, saw Buffy, and happily called her name, he had thought she would hug him or kiss him or at least just be really happy to see him.

Instead, she blinks. "Hi. Do I know you?"

Kon is rendered incapable of everything. "Uh."

"Wait...orientation, right? Sorry, I kinda met a lot of people the last few days."

Kon pulls himself together. So it's the wrong universe. Big deal. He can find the right one. "Yeah. Kon Kent."

"Hi, Kon," she says, which sort of breaks his heart. She usually says it differently. She offers her hand, and as he shakes it, he feels the ring.


He gets a look at it, and it really is his. Hers. The one he gave her. "Uh."


"Nice ring," he blurts out.

"Thanks," she says, looking down at it. "It's..." she pauses, and Kon can actually see her blanking out.

"It's?" he prompts.

"Just a ring I like," she says finally, shaking her head.

"Yeah," he says. So she doesn't remember. He can deal with that. He just has to make her remember. "Where are you headed?"


"Really? Me too."

"With Walsh?"


"Oh," she says, looking away a little with her pleased face. "Cool."

"Can I walk you over?" he asks. He wants to hit his head against a wall until she remembers or he forgets, but he'd rather walk with her for now.

"I could live with that," she says, smiling at him.

He restrains himself from doing the other things he wants to, like putting his arm around her shoulder and telling her how much he missed her and shoving her against the nearest tree and kissing her breathless.

Luckily she starts talking before he can get too distracted thinking about that. "I hear Walsh is pretty tough."


"Yeah. Me and my friend Willow signed up together, but I dunno if psych's really for me."

"We've got time to figure that stuff out, right?" he points out.

"So you don't have a calling either?"

"I'm interested in biology. Cloning," he says, hoping to jog her memory.

"That's pretty specific," she says. "Childhood dream of mad scientisting?"

"Sort of."

"Whatever works for you."

Kon really wishes she meant that.

One thing Kon hadn't anticipated was that he was sitting in on the first class of Psychology, and that the TA--a guy who looks familiar for reasons Kon hasn't yet placed--tells everyone whose name wasn't called to come talk to him about enrolling.

"Go get 'em, tiger," says Buffy encouragingly, giving him a smile.

"Hey, uh. Could I maybe get your number first?" he says. He assures himself he would be smoother if this didn't all suck so much.

She considers, but jots it down and hands it over. "See you next class," she tosses over her shoulder.

Kon needs to hit something so hard right now.

"What's your name?" asks the TA. He looks very hittable.

"Kon, uh. Conner Kent. Kon for short."

"You enrolled late?"


The TA looks at him hard. "I didn't see your name this morning when I checked late signups."


"Look, Conner. I think I know what this is about."

"Wanna bet?" mutters Kon.

"She looks like a very pretty girl," says the TA, "but Professor Walsh is tough. You don't want to stay in here just for her."

Kon realizes that this guy looks a lot like Charlie, the guy Wendy dated in season four. Who was her bio TA.

"I just really like Psychology," he says, not punching the Charlie guy like he wants to.

"Just make sure you do the work," replies Charlie.

Kon still hasn't punched anything. He deserves a medal.

"So," says Tim, looking as Kon as if he's something undesireable on his shoe, "you're taking Psychology in an alternate universe to get close to your wife who doesn't remember who you are."

"It sounds even worse when you say it out loud," pouts Kon. "Man, Tim, it's...it sucks so much."

Tim's voice changes to something a little sorry, and he just says "Did you think about telling her?"

"Hi, Buffy, you don't know me really, but I swear we got married in an alternate universe and I gave you that ring and can we make out yet please?" Kon snorts. "That'd go over well."

"If she's still your Buffy, she's still the Slayer," Tim points out. "Besides, how long do you want to wait around for her to remember you?"

Kon groans.

"So see what she says. She might think you're a demon, but it might make her remember."

"Yeah, yeah," says Kon. "Shut up."

"So," says Buffy, "I hear there's a party at one of the frats."

Kon blinks. It hadn't really occurred to him that Buffy would really be interested in him on a camp full of guys. Part of her, he guesses, must remember him. There's no other explanation. "Yeah?" he asks, trying to sound cool. "You going?"

"Parker asked me, but I'm thinking I might wait and see if I get any other offers."

Kon runs through his list of Wendy's love interests from season four. Charlie...Harper. Harper sounds worryingly plausible. That's the guy who uses Wendy for sex and then dumps her. No way in hell he's letting that happen. "Think I've got a chance?" he asks, smirking.

"Yeah, pretty good one."

"So does that mean I get exclusive dancing rights?"

"You really want the whole party?"

"You kidding?"

"That could be arranged."

"So when should I pick you up?"

The problem with the frat party, Kon finds, is that he really wants to be there with Buffy, his Buffy, and not this Buffy who hasn't even kissed him yet and who doesn't know anything about him. It's still her, of course, but she doesn't realize how exciting it is that they're at a party together in the same universe. Being with her just makes him miss her more.

A slow song comes on, and both of them pause. His arms fit around her just the same, but she doesn't know how to lean against him yet. When he finally can't take it anymore, he kisses her.

"Wow," she says after, smiling.

Kon really isn't sure why this feels like cheating, but it does. He shakes his head. "I need to talk to you," he tells her, looking away.


He gets her hand and pulls her out of the frat party.

"Look, uh," he runs his hand through his hair, sighs, worries. "Do you remember where you got that ring?"

She looks down at it again, smiles her same old smile at it. "It's..." the blank look comes back. "No," she says finally, looking sad. "I can't remember."

"But you still wear it all the time?"

"Yeah," she says. "It's kinda stupid. It makes me...feel safe, I guess. Like someone's looking out for me."

Kon swallows. "Me."

Buffy gives him a wary look. "Huh?"

"I gave you that. Um. We were stuck. In another dimension. And you...you actually started dating me. I couldn't believe it. And you didn't totally shoot me down when I gave you that ring. And..." he thinks he should have planned this. "I love you."

Buffy is giving him an even warier look. "You crossed a creepy line in there. Engaged? In an alternate dimension?"

"Married," he mutters. "And you know about alternate dimensions. You're the Slayer."

She claps her hand over his mouth and drags him farther from the party. "How do you know that?" she hisses.

"You told me," he points out. "You're Buffy Anne Summers, you're the Slayer, you like figure skating, you live with your mom because your parents are divorced, your best friends are Willow and Xander, your last boyfriend was Angel, he gave you those scars on your neck, and if I ever meet him I might punch him."

Buffy looks confused. Then she looks blank. Then she starts clutching her head.


"We better go see Giles," she mutters. "Lemme guess, you know who Giles is."


She looks at him hard as they start walking. "I didn't meet you during orientation, did I?"


"Where did you come from?"

"Magic window. I was looking for you."

She looks away. "No wonder you looked so bummed."

"Yeah. I was really planning on you remembering me."

"I don't believe you yet," she says quietly. "Sorry."

"I didn't really think you would."

She nods. "Giles'll have an idea."


"You do realize how insane this sounds," says Giles. The comment is directed at Buffy, but Kon still feels targeted.

"Yeah," says Buffy, at the same time Kon says, "it's true."

"He aced Buffy trivia 101, Giles. And he got the Daily Double," Buffy adds.

"The Daily Double is Jeopardy," Giles points out. "And that's not the point. Knowing about you is not a reason to trust him."

"So what do I have to do?" asks Kon.

Giles looks surprised at this question. "What?"

"To make you believe me."

"Well. I hadn't really gotten that far," stammers Giles.

"He's not trying to kill us yet," Buffy pipes up. "That's encouraging."

"Yes, we're all very impressed with your cross-dimensional husband," says Giles.

Even Kon has to admit that sounds bad.

"I like him," Buffy admits quietly, not looking at anyone.

Kon tries very hard to not just grin. Instead, he goes for serious. "You were there too, Mr. Giles. And Xander, Willow, Anya..."

"And you're expecting us to believe we just forgot?"

"Maybe we should call Wil and Xander," Buffy suggets. "See if they remember anything."

"That may not be a bad idea," Giles muses. "Ah, a question...Kon-El, was it?"


"The design of the ring...why did you choose that?"

"I'm Superboy."

"Superboy?" asks Buffy.

"Superboy," says Giles, in a resigned way.

"Like Superman?" asks Buffy. "Guess that'd cover the S thing."

Kon's surprised by just how little he likes Buffy comparing him to Superman. "Yeah. I wear it too."

"Xander could definitely confirm or deny on that part," Buffy notes. "He likes Superman."

"You aren't seriously entertaining the possibility that he's related to Superman."

"Are we seriously entertaining the possibility that he's telling the truth about anything?" she asks. "Cuz if we aren't this isn't that much weirder than anything else he's said."

"It's true," says Kon.

Buffy looks over at him. "Giles, do investigate-y stuff. I want to talk to him."

"Are you sure that's..."

"If he wanted to do anything to me he already had tons of chances," she points out. Then, more quietly, she adds, "I'll be fine. Promise."

"I'll call the others," Giles replies finally. "Don't stay out too long."

Buffy's grilling him on camp stuff, but he can tell she wants to ask other things. "When did I get there?"

"July," he says. "After your graduation."

"When did I meet you?"

"When you got there?"

"And then we got together?"

"You shot me down," he says. "And then we got together about a month later."

"So August?"

"September 19."

"And then we got married."

"November 19, the next year."

"What would you do if I never remembered?"

Kon stops. That had never occurred to him; he was sure that she would remember somehow, and that she might not... "I don't know," he says. "I don't want to start over."

She nods.

"But I probably would," he admits. "I'd miss you."

She leans over suddenly and kisses him again, and he really hopes she isn't going to think it's like cheating on her.

"If you aren't telling the truth I'm going to kill you," she comments.

"I am," he assures her.

"We should get back."


"I want to remember you too," she adds as she starts walking. "It sounds kinda nice."

Kon swallows. He hates this.

"Yeah," says Xander as they come in, "that looks a lot like Superboy."

"He says his name is Kon-El."

"And that's Superboy's name. He's Superman's clone."

"Thank you, Xander," says Giles. "That makes nothing make more sense."

"Buffy married Superboy? How come I didn't get to marry Superboy?"

"Not helpful, Xand."

"I'm just curious."

"Ooh, ooh! Truth spell!" says Willow, pointing to her book. "We could cast a truth spell and see if he's really telling the truth."

"I could do that," says Kon.

"What do we do if he is telling the truth?" asks Buffy.

"I believe we cross that road if we come to it," says Giles. "Willow, why don't we try the spell. I don't think it could do any harm."

Being forced to tell the truth, Kon has to admit, is weird. He wasn't lying before, so it doesn't go badly, but the lack of choice in the matter is a new sensation.

"Zombie camp?" asks Xander once they're done.

"Zombie camp," Willow confirms.

"I guess he really isn't a demon here to kill us."

"And whatever he said he at least believes to be the truth," Giles notes.

"Where's the but?" asks Xander. "I sense a but."

"I have no idea what you want any of us to do about it," says Giles.

"If we're really forgetting something must be making us forget, right?" says Willow.

Kon looks at Buffy. She still hasn't said anything.

"It could be a spell. On him or on us."

"On me?" Kon asks.

"We do outnumber you. Mr. Superboy sir," comments Xander.

"I could get Bart and Tim."

"Wait, like...Impulse and Robin?"


"Man this is so cool."

"Bart?" says Buffy quietly.

Kon jerks his head around. "Yeah. You adopted him."

"We had a kid?" she asks. "That sounds wrong."


"I could deal with brother."

"We still need to do something," Giles points out.

Buffy considers this. "I'm taking Superboy on patrol," she decides.

"Huh?" says Kon.

"If you're really Superman's clone, you've gotta be pretty good in a fight, right?"


"So let's go."

"Buffy, I--" Giles begins.

"You guys can work on figuring out other stuff. But vampires still need staking," she says, getting Kon's hand and pulling him outside.

"Uh," he says.

"Sorry," she replies quickly. "This must be weird for you."

"It's okay," he smiles at her. She hasn't let go of his hand.

"It's kinda weird for me too."

He nods. "So, uh, where are we going?"

"Graveyards. Then maybe the Bronze."

"That's the club, right?"

"Yeah, sometimes they try getting victims there."


"At least patrol there's fun. I get to dance."


"I guess you kinda know all this already."

"I've heard about it, but I've never seen you in action with vampires."

"It's not that exciting."

"I'm still excited," he tells her.

"You're Superboy. Beating stuff up has to be pretty normal for you."

"Not vampires," he says.

"Just supervillains?"

"And criminals."

"Sounds exciting."

"It's okay. It's--" he blinks as she stops and lets go of his hand. "Buffy?"

She's standing, looking at nothing. He shakes her shoulder slightly. She blinks.

"I thought I saw something. There've been these commandos around..."


"Yeah, it's..." her eyes unfocus again, and he looks out to the woods they're passing to see if he can see it.

Suddenly, he's against the tree. And then she's kissing him. He doesn't really have time to think about not doing the things he wants to, so by the time he's back to his senses he's thrown her shirt somewhere and her hands are in the vacinity of the zipper on his jeans.

"Buffy," he breathes, not sure of what else to say.

She pulls back and grins at him. "Hi, Kon."

He blinks. "Buffy?"

"We lost my shirt," she comments.

"What happened?"

"I guess maybe Giles and Willow figured something out. Or magical random memory stuff. Or something. We can ask, but first I'm gonna need shirt."

"You want to ask?" he asks. He wants to ask too, he just also wants to see where her not wearing a shirt is going.

She hooks her fingers into the waistband of his jeans. "Well, I guess if they remembered too, they'll figure it out."

He leans down to kiss her again. "They're pretty smart."

"So, wanna see my dorm room?"


"We can't make out the whole way there."

"We can try."

"Shirt," she reminds him.

"Yeah, yeah."

"You could have at least called," Giles points out.

"What would you have wanted me to say? 'Got my memories back, don't wait up?' I figured you guys had them too and knew we'd have stuff to talk about."

"Yeah, 'talking' is why Wil stayed at my place last night," comments Xander.

"We talked."

"Uh huh."

"Can we stop talking now?" asks Giles.

Buffy repositions herself on Kon's lap, which is fine by him. "So did we ever figure out what caused the memory loss?"

"A charm, Lethe's bramble. I found some on one of my jackets, I believe we hit it as we were leaving the camp..." Giles explains. "I assume a last trap for those unfortunate enough to have walked through it."

"Thoughtful of camp," says Buffy. "Guess you were just lucky," she tells Kon, smiling. Her face falls a little as she asks, "So when do you have to leave?"

"Pretty soon," he says, brushing the hair out of her face. "But I'll be back tomorrow?"


"I'm not gonna let that stupid Charlie guy intimidate me out of taking that psych class," he says.

"Riley," Buffy corrects. "And you don't even go here."

"He said if I was just taking it for you then I wasn't gonna make it. I'm gonna prove him wrong."

Buffy gives him a look. "Fight the good fight, honey."
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