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I don't really know why it went here here is a weird place


"Hey," says Kon, waiting for her as usual outside the rink.

"Don't you have another job or anything?" asks Buffy. "You're always free."

"I'm studying biology at the college," he says. "But it's still winter break."

She blinks. "Biology?"

"Hidden depths," he says, smiling. "Will you come to my game tomorrow?"


"I play hockey," he explains, giving her a look.

"Dork. You didn't tell me about a game."

"Wasn't sure you'd wanna come."

"Course I do. When is it?"


"At night, right?"


"I'll be there."

"Uh," he says, "sit in the back."


"My concentration goes way down when you're around. And I wanna impress you with my skills."

"Uh huh."

He hesitates. "Hey."


"You aren't, uh...nevermind. You got work?"


"Can I walk you over?"


He smiles a little shyly. "Cool."

She knocks his shoulder as she walks, because she feels about twelve and doesn't really mind.

"So what's the problem?" asks Willow.

Buffy decides that this conversation can proceed just as well with her forehead resting on the table. "I really like him."


"He really likes...having a girlfriend."


"Not just...he likes doing boyfriend stuff. He's really sweet. But I feel like I could be any girl and he'd do the same stuff."

"So you like him for him and you think he likes you for being a girl?"

"I know it sounds stupid."

"I wanna meet him," Willow declares.

"Meet him?"

"You need an impartial bystander for this. Besides, I wanna check him out. He is my best friend's boyfriend."

"He has a hockey game tomorrow," says Buffy thoughtfully. "You could come."

"Ooh, a sporting event! I like sporting events."

"Like all good lesbians."

"No, I like them from an academic standpoint. Boys are weird."

Buffy laughs. "Thanks, Wil."

"Hey, that's what friends are for."

The hockey guys don't show up at the rink, probably because they have practice with the whole team. Buffy's glad for the extra room to practice, but she misses seeing them, which just frustrates her. At least if Giles notices, he doesn't comment, because that would really piss her off.

Which is probably why he isn't doing it. Giles is kind of smart.

"Buffy," he says mildly, after she finishes.

"What?" she snaps, waiting for him to tell her she needs to concentrate.

"That was a very good run," he says, blinking. "I think you've shown a great deal of improvement."

"Oh," she says. "Thanks."

"Is everything all right?"


"You could always call him."

"Why does everyone make everything about my love life?"

"Perhaps they're just following your lead."

Buffy wonders if homicide is still illegal. Maybe Giles could be an exception.

"So why are we sitting back here?" asks Willow, filing in behind Buffy.

"Because Kon asked me to. He said I'd distract him."

"Distract him?"

"He has this problem with checking me out when he should be being a goalie."

"That'd do it. So I'm not gonna be able to see him too well?"

"I figured we'd get him after. As long as the other groupies don't crowd us out."

"He has groupies?"

Buffy shurgs. "He should. He's pretty hot. And a pretty decent goalie when girls aren't distracting him."

Willow smiles. "Aww, you're proud."

"Also kind of worried other girls are going to distract him. Why did I try dating again? It's annoying." Willow starts to respond, but the players start coming out. "That's him," says Buffy, pointing.

"He looks kind of like a big pile of pads and helmet."

"Yeah, I know. He looks better without them. And, um, that's Bart, and that's Tim. They practice at the same rink I do too. And Kon lives with them."

"And they all go to UC Sunnydale?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling kinda left out of the college loop here."

"You and Xand can commiserate."


The game goes pretty well, and Buffy manages to not cheer every time Kon blocks a shot, which is good, because that would totally give away their position. And Kon would get distracted.

Afterward, they wait around outside, with a fairly big crowd of other people, most of whom seem to be fans of the other team.

Kon comes out nervously looking around, but he grins as soon as he spots her.

"Hey! You came!"

"I said I would," she says, rolling her eyes at him.

He keeps grinning and kisses her. "You did a good job hiding."

"Didn't want you off your game."

"Yeah, I kicked ass, huh?"


"Oh, um. Hi," he says, noticing Willow.

"Hi," says Wil, smiling.

"Sorry, this is my best friend, Willow."

"Cool. I'm Kon," says Kon. He settles his arm around Buffy's shoulder. "What are you doing now?"

"Getting some sleep. Early practice tomorrow."

"What about tomorrow night?" he asks.


"I'll give you a call," he says. "Or just catch you after practice. When are you done?"


"Class starts Thursday," he says. "I'm not gonna have as much time."

"Weekends, right?"

"Just weekends?"

"I dunno what your weekdays look like."

"I'll make time. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah," she smiles. Then, because he deserves it, she pulls him over for a kiss. "Good game."

"I know," he says, and the smooth doesn't quite manage to beat out the goofy grin. "Bye."

He waves and runs off to join Tim and Bart.

Buffy realizes she was kind of neglecting Willow. "Hi."

"Do you want my imparital bystander opinion?" she asks as they start walking.

"Is it bad?"

"If I didn't know better I would've thought he was really really into you and you were just kind of whatever about it. I felt kind of bad for him."

"I'm not whatever about him."

"I know! That was impartial bystander Willow. Regular Willow thinks you really shouldn't worry about it. I think he likes you."

"I know he likes me, but..."

"Buffy," says Willow gently. "Angel was bad. But...you've been weird with guys since then. And I think you should be fair to this one. Cuz he was kinda tripping over himself for you."

"He pretends he isn't," Buffy says, fond in spite of herself.

"Just...try liking him. It could go pretty well."

After their date the next night, Kon warns Buffy he'll be scarce, and she decides the best way to show him she cares is to ask how the rest of his night is looking, becase maybe having sex with a guy twice will make her stop worrying about him splitting with no explanation.

He wakes her up before he goes in the morning, which goes a long way to make her feel better, but she doesn't like the way she doesn't see him all of Wednesday and Thursday.

If she's going to show him she likes him, she might as well go big. Stalking is probably in. She calls Tim to get his classes, and figures wandering over to UC Sunnydale to look for her boyfriend when he gets out of Chem class isn't that creepy. And her boyfriend will probably appreciate it. And if he's with another girl, she can always kick his ass.

He comes out of class looking a little sad, and she has to run a little catch up, slipping her hand into hers as she does.

"Bad day?" she asks.

"Buffy? You--um. Hi. You're here."

"I missed you," she says simply, squeezing his hand. "Tim told me you got out of class soon, so...I figured I'd come meet you. Do you mind?"

"Are you kidding?"

"Mostly. You looked pretty happy."

That's an understatement. He hasn't stopped grinning. "Yeah, well. My day got better."

"Does that mean you're free later?"

"For you? Always."

"Not when you have class."

"Depends on the class."

"Do you even have night classes?"

"No way. Gets in the way of my social life."

"Which is hopping."

"I do have this hot girlfriend."

"Yeah, yeah. Your hot girlfriend has a competition this weekend. Are you coming?"

"You want me to? I mean. Yeah. Of course I'm coming."

"I even wear a skimpy skirt."

"Be still my heart."

She leans against him a little. "I think you should wear one for hockey."

"With my legs?"

"I bet more people would come to the games."

"Where are we going, anyway?" asks Kon.

She looks up. "I wasn't really paying attention."

"Oh," he says. "Cool."

And no one's around anyway, so she figures she might as well go all out on the really liking him thing. Which is what kissing him is for.

He might still break her heart, but hey. She might as well have fun til he does.
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