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Okay, this is a follow-up to that ice-skating fic! Because I felt bad never explaining the Angel backstory I totally came up with >:

Things are going distressingly, insanely well.

It's not just the boyfriend, Buffy knows; she's winning competitions, and that's great, and Giles thinks she can maybe start college, and then there's Kon.

Buffy sort of fails at talking when it comes to Kon. He's sweet and thoughtful and hot and kind of stupid and full of himself, and when she thinks no one is paying attention to her she has very girly fantasies about marrying him and being with him forever.

"Hey," comments the guy in question, slipping his arm around her as they walk back to her place. "What's up?"

"Just zoning out," she explains. "I thought you were going home tonight."

"I told my aunt I was hanging out at Tim's," Kon explains. It's the summer, and while classes are out he lives with his Aunt Martha and Uncle Jonathan, who seem to have convinced themselves that his relationship with Buffy is entirely platonic.

"Oh," she says, not bothering to hide her smile. It took a while for her to get okay with showing how happy she is with him, but she doesn't really mind at this point. "So you're staying?"

He looks at her, and she thinks he's about to say something else, but he settles on smiling. "Yeah."

"You should've told me earlier," she teases. "I would have made up the guest bed."

He sighs dramatically. "Guess I'll have to share with you."

"I was thinking the floor."

"We haven't done it there before," Kon muses.

"It's pretty uncomfortable."

"Yeah," he says, lapsing into silence. It's happened a couple times tonight; he seems on the verge of saying something, but skips it.

She doesn't comment on that and busies herself opening the door instead. Once they're inside, she turns on him. "What's up?"


"You've been acting weird and non-talky all night. So what's the deal?"

"Uh," he rubs the back of his neck. "We've been going out for a while, right?"


"Well, I was...um. It."

"Kon," she says gently, touching his face. "Breathe."

"I love you," Kon blurts out, turning pink as soon as he says it.

She blinks, because of all the things she'd expected him to be working on, that might have been the least expected.

"I love you too," she says, feeling stupidly nervous even though he said it first. She's been thinking it for months, just not sure if she should tell him.

Kon breaks into a grin so wide she's afraid he might hurt himself. "I love you," he repeats, possibly just liking how it sounds.

"You're such a dork," she replies, but then he kisses her and pulls her towards the bed and she figures she doesn't really need to tell him that right this second.

Buffy likes the sex. She's not going to pretend she doesn't. But she likes everything else too, which is vaguely surprising. She sort of figured from Angel that sex was decent but that nothing came after it; the guy left and everyone went about their business until the next date, if there was one.

Kon threads his fingers in her hair and cuddles with her after sex. He drops kisses on the top of her head and they talk for a while before they go to sleep sometimes, and she feels warm and safe and happy and it's confusing and bizarre.

"Move in with me," he says this time.

She blinks.

"Or I'll move in with you," he follows up quickly, sounding less confident by the minute. "I just hate going back to the dorm or my house and you're not there. Plus the sleeping alone thing."

"I doubt Bart and Tim could put up living with us," she says carefully. "But if you wanted to live here..."

Kon looks like he can't believe what he's hearing.

"It's not that close to campus," she adds, "so we could always find somewhere else. If you were helping out with rent we could even get somewh--" She finds herself being kissed again. "I didn't know apartment hunting was such a turn-on."

"I thought you were gonna say no," he admits.

"I do kind of like you," she reminds him.

"A few times a week," he says. "Not every day."

"Nope, I'm basically in love with you twenty-four/seven," she says casually.

That gets her laid again.

Buffy acknowledges that she and Kon are the kind of couple other people hate to be around. He walks her over to work the next day holding her hand, chatting about whether or not it's worth finding a new place.

She's stupid-happy, until she hears someone calling her name.

Kon turns first, because she doesn't want to.

"Buffy," Angel repeats. She considers pretending she didn't hear, but Kon did, and he already looks concerned by her response.

"Angel," she says. "It's been a while."

"I'm sorry," he replies, which immediately throws her off.

"For what?" she breezes, aware that she's squeezing Kon's hand more tightly than he might like. He doesn't seem to mind, though. He still just seems worried.

"I left without saying anything."

"That was, like, a year ago," she shrugs. "I figured it must not have been a big deal."

"It was," Angel says. "I want to talk to you."

"You can call me later," Buffy says. "I have to get to work."

She pulls Kon along before Angel can respond, or Kon can say anything. For his part, Kon follows wordlessly until they're out of sight of Angel, and then starts "Buffy..."

She slumps against him, shaking.

"Hey," he says, pulling her close. "Not your favorite guy?"

"My ex," she explains.

"Oh," he says, sounding unhappy.

She tugs him along. "There's a park down here, I should...explain, I guess."

"What about work?"

"I'll be late."

They sit down and she carefully leans on him, hoping he won't object.

He doesn't.

"So, uh..."

"We dated...a few months? It was about six months before I met you. He asked me out, I liked him, we went out for a while. Towards the end, he told me he loved me, I loved him, romantic stuff happened, we had sex, next morning I woke up alone and...this is the first time I've seen him."

Kon blinks a lot. "What a jerk."

"I guess I'll...hear him out, maybe. I'm kinda curious what he's gonna say."

Kon stiffens immediately. "Yeah."

"Good thing I've got this great new guy, or this would suck a whole lot more."


"Sorry I never told you about him. I kinda...thought about it, but it didn't really make Buffy's list of top ten fun discussion topics."

"Yeah, I...never told you about Tana either."


Kon busies himself with lacing their fingers together. "My first girlfriend. We dated for a while, but she was a lot older, thought we weren't good for each other. We made up after a few months, but...she died in a hit and run."

"I'm sorry, Kon."

He smiles a little. "Glad I've got you."

"Me too."

She stands up and hands over her apartment key. "Come pick me up when I'm done with work, okay? You can move stuff into my apartment if I want, but you're definitely staying tonight."

He smiles. "You still want me to walk you over?"



Angel comes in about halfway through her shift.

"You're still working here."

"I'm working, Angel."

"I just want to talk."

"And I told you to call me later."

"I thought your boyfriend might rip me a new one."

"You'd deserve it."

Angel pulls out a badge. "I'm a cop. I work undercover. I got called away for business, infiltrating...I can't give too much detail."

Buffy looks at him flatly. "What do you want me to do?"

Angel seems surprised by the question. "I just wanted to explain."

"Explaining done. It was still a shitty thing to do, and I'm moved on."

"I can see that. I'm sorry this ruined what we had together."

Buffy swallows, thinks of Kon. "I'm not."

"That was really jerky of him," Kon comments, wrapping his arm around her as they walk home. "You were at work."

"Yeah, really not a good time."

"So, uh..."


"He's got an excuse, right? So are you...is stuff gettng better?"

"I dunno if I believe him. And it doesn't matter. I'm done with him."

"You sure?"

"I love you," she points out. "You really, really don't need to worry."

"Course I'm worried," he says, smiling. "You're not happy."

"Did you move your stuff?"

"Yeah. Aunt Martha freaked a little, but we worked it out."

"Then I'm happy," she says.

Kon grins. "You have training tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, at eight."

"So early night."

"Yeah. But I think we'll live."
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