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This is really sappy and stupid and no one should ever read it. I'm just. Saying. It's also probably canonically inaccurate for Superboy, GJ me.

When Kon's not around, Buffy doesn't exactly miss him. It's not like she doesn't have a ton of stuff to do. She's the Slayer, she's a college student, she's got a part-time job so the two of them can get an apartment ASAP. She's got things to do that don't involve mooning over her husband when they're in two different universes.

But when Kon goes home--and she still thinks of his world as his home, even though they've declared they're going to live in Sunnydale--even when she doesn't outright miss him, the fact that he isn't around is always there, like a hole in the side of her stomach. It wasn't exactly like this at camp--at camp, they always ended up in the same place at night, whereas here Kon usually stays with the Kents on weekends, and sometimes goes for as long as three days over vacations.

She knows it's sad that she misses him when he's gone for three days, but part of the idea behind marrying him was never losing him again.

And even though they've got the window and Bart has proved he can run between Sunnydale and Metropolis without breaking a sweat, she can't entirely shake the feeling that he might not come back. She doesn't really understand being this lucky.

She's not entirely sure how Kon feels about the days apart. Sometimes she wants to ask if it makes him feel as incomplete as it makes her feel, but she feels kind of stupid asking, especially since the first thing he generally does when he gets back is find her, push her against the nearest solid object, and kiss her senseless. If she's not on patrol at the time they usually move pretty quickly beyond kissing, and even if she is, it gets cut short.

She knows he misses her, it's just that feeling of something being lacking. Really, when he goes to the Kents, she worries he might feel more complete. She doesn't doubt Kon loves her, she just worries about being worth it. She's never asked a guy to give up his entire world for her before, and telling him that she misses him when he leaves probably just makes it seem like she wants him to never go home.

She's perfectly happy with him going home. If anything, she'd like to go with him. But even though he loves her, maybe he needs some time away sometimes.

She's totally not moping about this when he comes home. She's writing her paper and not looking at the clock every five minutes and not hoping he'll walk in the door. She has things to do. She's not completely co-dependent.

When he finally says "Hey" to get her attention, she gets the impression he's been watching her for a while.

"Kon!" she says. He'd been gone for four days this time, because the Kents needed his help on the farm. To emphasize the totally not missing him she hugs him so hard that he bangs his head on the wall.

"Hey," he repeats, not kissing her yet and hugging her back pretty gently. Which is weird.

"What's up?" she asks.

He nuzzles her hair. "Missed you."

"Usually you show the missing with making out and then sex. Not that I'm complaining about not sex. Or sex. Just surprised. But hugging is good too."

"I was building," Kon says, smiling at her. "I thought I could get you dinner first."

"That would make me feel all classy. I hate feeling like a cheap date."

"Figured you wouldn't have eaten yet cuz you've got a paper," he comments. He's relaxed against the wall, as if Buffy leaning against him on uncomfortable surfaces is his favorite thing ever.

"I missed you too," she murmurs, pretending it isn't sad.

"I'll be around for a while," he says, his voice deeper than she expected it to be. "I'm not going back next weekend."

She moves away from him and pretends the world doesn't feel more right when he's in it. "I could come, you know. I mean. If you wanted. Not a pressure thing, just a...true thing. I like the Kents."

Kon sort of makes a noise before he says "You've got homework."

"So do you."

"It'd be like camp again. No sex rule."

"Because I get so much sex when I spend the weekend at home alone," she says, rolling her eyes even though her back's to him and he won't see.

"The farm's really boring."

"You're there," she says, because sometimes it's important to get right to the point with Kon. "It could be the boringest place on earth and I'd want to be there. And when you're not here even if I'm not thinking about how you're somewhere else all the time I know you're gone like...something is wrong because if I get pissed or sad I can't just come find you til I feel better. And I know I could just go through the window too but I figure just cuz we're married doesn't mean you might not want a break sometimes and--"

There's that kiss she was expecting as soon as he got home. She's sort of amazed her dorm walls aren't cracked because she and Kon are both superpowered and they shove each other against the nearest available surface a lot.

Her shirt's off and his is about to follow it when she remembers they were having a conversation. "I thought you were getting me dinner," she comments, throwing his shirt towards her mirror and resting her palms on his chest.

"I was," he protests feebly. "It was going to be romantic."

"I am feeling pretty romanced."

"I really, really want you to come home with me," Kon says. "A lot."

"All you had to do was ask," she says, smiling at him.

"Yeah, but who wants to hang out on a farm?" he asks.

It's kind of funny when she remembers that they can both be stupid and insecure and married all at the same time. "Dork."

He grins and moves in to kiss her again, but pauses. "Dinner."

"Remember when you couldn't keep your hands off me?" she muses, pretending to sound hurt.

"My hands are on you," Kon points out, slipping his fingers into the waistband of her jeans to emphasize his point. "I'm just trying to be a gentleman here."

"I'm flattered."

He hands her her shirt. "It's the nineteenth," he points out.

She blinks. "Oh yeah."

"So I figure I can buy you dinner."

"I never mind you buying me dinner," she replies, leaning against him as they head out of the dorm.

"Yeah, but special occasion."

She's about to say something about how after three years, every month really doesn't have to be a special occasion, but it kind of is for her. And hearing him say it to makes her want to do stupid things like drag him back into the dorm room and have sex with him on the closest flat surface, which would probably be the floor. "Special occasion," she agrees instead.

"So, uh," he says, slipping his arm around her, "you know if you come to the farm they'll make you help out."

"I figured."

"And I have to do Superboy stuff some nights."

"Like I ever pass up an opportunity to see you in spandex."

Kon shudders and she blinks. "What?"

"Just...last time you were around," he says awkwardly.

Buffy blinks. She hasn't watched him do Superboy stuff for at least six months. "What?"

He rubs the back of his neck. "I was fighting a girl, remember?"


"She was the one who killed Tana."


"She saw you. Asked if I had a new girlfriend she could..."

She squeezes his hand.

"I kind of got out of the habit of asking you to come back with me," he admits quietly. "I know you can take care of yourself, but."

"You could have told me," she says, without venom. "But I'll be careful."

"Figured you wouldn't miss it anyway, but, uh," he falters. "I was being stupid. Sorry."

"It's not like I love you for your brain," she reminds him.

Kon still gets a sort of pleased amazed look on his face when she tells him she loves him, and she'd feel superior if she didn't do the same thing.

"So where are we going?" she asks.

"No clue."

"Is this where I admit I'm pretty much broke?"

"So MacDonalds?"

"Not that broke."



"You are so lucky you're cute," she points out. "Otherwise I definitely wouldn't put up with you."

She feels like the most ridiculously sappy person in the entire universe, which is why she feels the need to bring up the shallow looks stuff, because otherwise she might Kon that she loves him regardless of how he looks and that he's got her so wrapped around his little finger that he'd have to go evil and try to kill everyone she ever loved to get rid of her, and she knows from experience that even that isn't fool proof.

But he pulls her chair out for her at Subway and when they get home she's jumping the hell out of him and some weekend soon she can go to the farm with him and have Ma awkwardly clear her throat whenever she thinks the two of them are sitting too close to each other, so who cares about being sappy or shallow or whatever.

Life is pretty awesome.
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