Buffy El-Summers (classprotector) wrote in hesthemom,
Buffy El-Summers

Day in the life fluff! Starring Buffy, Chase, Bart, and Kon.

"Is it frozen yet?"

Buffy spares a smile as she looks for her shoes. Bart has been hanging out on the couch for the last ten minutes, experimenting.

"It feels frozen," he adds.

"You're moving your mouth, dude," Chase notes. "That means your face isn't froze."

"How long does it take?" Bart asks Buffy.

"This is Chase's thing, not mine," she comments.

"I think he's lying."

"Dude, you moved," Chase comments.

Buffy thinks about yelling at Chase, but Kon comes in and wraps his arm around her waist and kisses her on the cheek. "Are you coming?"

"Looking for my shoes," she smiles. "You should worry about them."

Kon looks over at the couch. "It's Imp, he moves fast."

"What about Chase?"

"He doesn't have to come."

Chase gives him the finger.

"Seriously, why are you even here?"

"Bored," says Chase with a shrug.

"Where's Gert?"

"Going to the graduation thing," Chase points out.

"Cuz she and Tim go to the same school," Bart adds.

"Really?" asks Kon.

"Yeah," says Buffy. She's made no progress in finding her shoes beccause now it's Kon-cuddling time.

"Get a room," Chase adds.

"They can't get a room, we gotta go," says Bart.

"You moved your face again," Chase points out.

Buffy moves out of Kon's arms to smack Chase.

"Ow! I didn't do anything."

"We need to go," she says innocently. "Get moving."

"He's not ready," Chase pouts, pointing at Bart.

In a second, Bart's ready.

"You really should have seen that coming," Buffy comments, smirking.

"Shut up."
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