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Buffy El-Summers

Ice-skating fic, part the second!

There's probably gonna be more ;;

"You know," says Buffy as they leave the movie, "I didn't think anybody used that move anymore."

"Which one?" asks Kon. "When the guy kicked the other guy through the window? That was pretty old-school."

"That too. But I meant the yawn, stretch, arm around the girl's shoulder thing."

The smooth-guy facade falters for a second and he looks a little sheepish, but recovers. "It worked, right?" he points out, grinning.

"I didn't pepper spray you, yeah," she snarks dissmissively, but she has to admit she liked his having his arm around her, even if the means kind of sucked.

"You have pepper spray?" he asks, sounding more curious than concerned.

"Just for dates."

"No wonder you were free tonight."

"Hey, you're so playing your cards wrong if you want another date."

"Chicks dig me."

"No wonder you were free tonight," she comments, smirking at him.

"I think the big question is if you're free tomorrow."

"Two dates in a row? People might start talking."

"I don't mind."

"Ask me again tomorrow," she says, finding her door. He follows her up to it. "You're not coming in."

"I think I'm supposed to get a goodnight kiss," he smirks.

"Really," she intones, looking unimpressed. But he kisses her anyway.

At least he's pretty good at that. Even if it really isn't a first date kind of goodnight kiss. Especially since he's not coming in. But she's not complaining.

"Right," she says, pulling away and collecting herself. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah," he agrees, looking dazed before moving on to smug. "See you."

"Wow," says Kon as he comes in.

Bart looks up from raiding the fridge. "Is she nice?"

"Not exactly," says Kon, aware he's grinning like an idiot. "I think she'd kick my ass if I did anything she didn't like."

"She didn't already?" asks Tim dubiously.

"Ha ha," says Kon. "I was a perfect gentleman."

"A perfect gentleman who has lipstick on his teeth," Tim points out.

"You wear lipstick on your teeth?" asks Bart.

"That just means she likes me," Kon points out, flopping down on the couch. "And she's really hot."

"But you like her for her personality," snarks Tim.

"It's the first date, Tim. It's not like I'm marrying her."

"Just don't get distracted checking her out during practice tomorrow," he grumbles.

"Again," Bart adds.

Kon rolls his eyes. "I was fine."

"You're fine normally," Tim points out.

"Yesterday the puck hit you in the face three times."

"Yeah, that means I blocked it."

"Kon," says Tim. "We're doing our own practice because we need it. Not so you can ogle some figure skater."

"I can do both," Kon mutters.

"Not very well," says Tim.

"I thought she was nice," Bart announces. "And Kon shouldn't stare at her that much."

"Shut up," Kon mutters. "She's hot and she might go out with me again. You guys are just jealous."

He knows this is a total lie, but it makes him feel better.

"Buffy, if you can't concentrate, then this is useless."

"I'm concentrating," Buffy protests.

"You're trying to look good."

Buffy sighs. She's not trying to try to look good. She's trying to not think about Kon at all. But she's pretty sure he's staring at her, and it's weird. "I'm not," she says finally. "I'll show you."

Which she actually does pretty well, because Giles being annoyed with her always has and always will trump boys.

"Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?" asks Giles, watching the hockey guys leave and sparing a glare when Kon looks back. "This is the problem with sharing a rink."

"It was your idea. Not my fault. And what's so bad about me going on a couple dates with a guy?"

"It's bad if it gets in the way of your focus. I'm only trying to help."

Buffy sighs. "I know, I know."

"Besides," says Giles, looking away slightly, "I don't want a repeat of..."

"I know," she says, cutting him off. Under normal circumstances, she'd get pretty angry with anyone who tried to bring up Angel, her ex-boyfriend, but Giles was different. For all he talks about skating, she knows that he doesn't worry about her just for that, and Angel had been bad on all possible levels. "It's not like that."

"I don't like him," Giles explains. "He seems...cocky. Unkind."

"It's just a few dates, Giles. I could use some normalcy."

"You could use some more practice. Twice more, all the way through, I think. I assume your beau being gone will help."

"Shut up, Giles."
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