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ITT me and Kon are retarded

Kon-El: replied
I also want to see an AU where Buffy is a rising figure skating star and Kon plays ice-hockey and tries to impress her
me: ...man now I want to write that. Although I'm pretty sure it would just be The Cutting Edge.
Kon-El: there's a film like that?
me: Sorta. Bart sent it to me for Christmas, it's one of her favorites. There's a cocky pro hockey player who gets injured and ends up drafted to figure skate with this girl
They bicker a lot, sexual tension, snark, and then they finally get together
It's quite good
Kon-El: aw
me: But now I'm probably gonna write that AU

The problem, Buffy thinks, with money crunches is that she has to practice with other people around.

"Well," says Giles, giving her a look, "if you have a better idea you are welcome to share it. The competition is in a few weeks and you need to practice."

"And if I win, we get cash, right? We can actually book a place?"

"That would be the idea, yes. Also glory, a chance at a higher competition...we can't afford to give up practice time just because other people will be using the other half of the ice."

"They really only need half? What are they doing?"

"Ah. You won't like this part."

"That just makes me want you to tell me. What are they doing, Giles?"




"So I should have worn one of my costumes with pants today, huh."

"It might have been a good idea. The coach assured me it was just his three of them. Goal practice."

"If they hit me with the puck I'm kicking them. With the skates on."

"I anticipated that. They've been warned."

"You're so thoughtful, Giles."

"Either that or you're a lawsuit waiting to happen. I haven't decided which."

"Gee, thanks, Giles. What's their opinion on my music?"

"The coach said it would be acceptable."

"Okay, let's get this show on the road."

Buffy's mostly okay with not booking the rink, but she's not going to tell Giles that. The problem with being a figure skater, Buffy's found, is that all the guys really are taken or gay, because the non-gay ones go fast. And she just doesn't have a lot of time to meet people right now. When she isn't practicing her skating, she works part time in a diner, and wasting the money for a private rink really doesn't seem doable anymore. So she'll take less room and more eyecandy. For now, anyway. So they better be cute.

Either fortunately or unfortunately--she's not sure which--she's doing one of her more embarrassing stretches when they come in, which involves showing a lot of leg.

As promised, there are three of them. The first one's short, brown-haired, very bundled up. He's kind of cute, really, in a kid way, and he zips around the rink, giving her a little friendly wave.

The second's taller, older-looking, black-haired, but pretty focused. He nods. Pretty attractive, and looks a lot more in her age-range.

The third one's staring at her, which is either a good sign or a bad sign. He's got black hair too, and looks more muscular, although it's kind of hard to tell with all the gear he's wearing. She's pretty sure he's a goalie, from the outfit.

"They seem to have spotted you," comments Giles wryly. "Do you think introductions are in order?"

"Couldn't hurt. We can put some ground rules out."

The other black-haired guy elbows the goalie as she skates over, while the kid just comes to meet her.

"Hi!" he says. "We're sharing the rink, right?"

"That's what I hear. You guys are cool with the music?"

"Yeah," says the goalie, trying to sound smooth. "It's cool." He puts out his hand. "I'm Kon. Hi." He gives her a grin.

She doesn't return it and gives him a look instead, but shakes his hand. "Buffy."

"Uh, this is Bart," he gestures to the kid, "and Tim."

"Hi!" adds Bart. "We won't get in the way promise!"

"I believe you," she says, smiling at him. He's got the most winning personality, first-impression wise. "Um, that's Giles, my coach, and he's doing the gesturing thing. I gotta go practice. Nice to meet you guys." She's careful to make her retreat look attractive. The Kon guy seems like kind of a flake, but she might as well give him a nice view.

The hockey guys don't stay as long as she does, which works for Buffy. She and Giles get in a couple runs using all of the ice, and then he sends her off to work.

Kon's loitering outside, dressed like a normal person. She has to admit the work looks for him, but the way he's pacing and hasn't noticed her yet is kind of weird.

"Hi?" she tries.

He looks surprised, but covers quickly. "Hi," he smarms.

"Hi. Kon, right?"

"Yeah. Wanted to ask you something."

"Ask away. But you're gonna have to walk too. I'm on my way to work."

He pauses to seem sort of surprised by that, but catches up to her quickly. "Wasn't that work?"

"Maybe hockey pays enough for you to do it full time, but I'm not that good yet."


"So what was the checking?"

"Wanna go out with me sometime?"

She blinks. "Are all hockey guys this direct?"

"You kidding?" he asks, smirking. "I think Bart still thinks girls have cooties."

"Really?" she asks, giving him a look that's mostly an excuse to check him out again.

"Really," he confirms, puffing up a little.

She rolls her eyes. "I guess I could give it a shot. I work til eight most nights."

"What about tonight?"

"Also eight."

"So we could catch a movie after."


He gives her a look, but asks seriously. "Would you like to go to a movie with me tonight after work?"

"Sure. But I have to be home early. Practice."

"So it'll be a quickie."

She gives him a look. "I can still say no, you know."

"I know. I'll come get you at...where do you work?"

She gives him the name of the diner, which might prove to be a mistake.

Well, if he sucks she can always kick him in the face with her skates on. Giles wouldn't mind that much.
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