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Kon fic, future, expectations.

On Thursdays, Kon got home later than Buffy.

The routine-ness of it seemed...lame, he had to admit. When he'd thought about what he wanted to be doing when he was in his twenties before camp, he'd had all these plans--partying every night, hooking up with three girls at once, really living it up. He'd figured by then, he'd have everything sorted out; it seemed like that sort of milestone. No more fake IDs, no more adults telling him what to do...

When he thought about it now, he realized he'd been pretty stupid.

When he got into the bedroom, Buffy was curled up in bed, hugging a pillow, like she always did when she went to sleep before he got home.

He pulled off his tie and mussed up his hair as he watched her out of the corner of his eye. He didn't like the way he had to gel it for job interviews, but he actually had a good feeling about this summer internship. The guy seemed to like him and be impressed by his knowledge of cloning.

If only the U.C. Sunnydale profs knew.

He'd expected he'd be a lot more Superman by now. Twenty-two was definitely man territory. And in a lot of ways, he felt pretty manly. He was taller--still not as tall as Clark, of course, but tall--and he was married, and he was doing things like going to college and trying to get a job so he could support the family he wanted to have someday.

It was sort of depressing that "grown-up" was so much more about being mature than it was about having fun.

He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled off his glasses. At twenty-five, Buffy was still the hottest girl in the world, and he could make himself grin just thinking that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He realized, in the middle of pulling off his socks, that he hadn't looked to see if she was hurt yet, and hovered over. He almost always hovered in the apartment because he couldn't outside.

Only part of the reason he checked her over for wounds every night was that he liked having an excuse to stare at her. And if he did it long enough, sometimes she'd...

"Such a dork," she muttered, breaking out into a grin without even opening her eyes.

It was hard for Kon to actually think about his life having gone any other way when Buffy was actually awake and talking to him. He could remember little ways it hadn't been great--the one year of high school had sucked, but college picked up, and the fall-out with Cassie (repaired) was bad--but then there was Buffy, sitting up in one of his shirts and rubbing her eyes, and he couldn't really imagine a more perfect now.

"I think I'm gonna get the internship," he said.

"You weren't out interviewing this whole time, right? Cuz that would really just say nothing cool about your working hours."

"Nah, Thursday. Patrol night, right? And then me and Tim and Imp caught a movie. You said you had vampire stuff..."

She waved her hand. "I did, yeah. A couple big bad guys, nothing too serious. But not a movie night night. Glad you had fun. Even if you had to go black-tie."

"My tie was red," he said, grinning.

"I picked it out, remember?"

He shrugs off his shirt and climbs into bed next to her, and she immediately cuddles up.

"So, internship."

"Working with one of the genetics profs. In town."

"You could leave," she said. "If there's something better somewhere else, I don't wanna stop you. It's not like you wouldn't be coming back."

"You kidding? This looks like a pretty awesome gig. And I don't wanna leave."

"Right," she said, smiling into his collar bone.

"How was work?"

"Same old. Nothing too exciting. You need to come in again soon. One of the new guys can't believe I'm married at my age and thinks I'm playing hard to get. I'd rather prove him wrong than have to break something."

"I can do that."

"I feel like we were supposed to be talking about something important," she commented thoughtfully, lacing her fingers in his.

Kon coughed. "Kids."

"Oh yeah," she said, sounding more serious. She propped herself up on his chest so she was looking him in the face. "You haven't even graduated yet. I barely graduated. You're still thinking about doing a thesis next year, right? You don't wanna give that up just for kids..."

"I could do both," he protested, knowing he couldn't.

"Kon," she said, in her affectionate-but-serious voice.


"You're smart. And you can actually get a job you want, doing something you like."

Kon flushed, because Buffy didn't tell him he was smart a lot, and while his bio and chem marks backed this up, it was different when she said it.


"I'm not going anywhere," she said. "So you," she punctuated this by poking him in the chest, "need to graduate and go to grad school and get a good job so that we can afford a big house when we do have kids."

"Uh," said Kon. He'd been going to say something better, but Buffy talking about the future like that sort of shut down his brain with the wanting. Most of what had got him through that one year of high school was crime-fighting on the weekend and Buffy just always being there, reminding him what he was doing all this stuff for.

She repositioned so she was lying on him, her head on his chest, right over his heart, like she liked.

"I want it too," she said quietly. "That sounds really nice. But...worth waiting for, right?"

Kon swallowed. "Yeah. Of course. I mean..."

"Yeah," she agreed.

"And hey," she said with a smile that meant he was going to get laid, "this isn't so bad, right?"

"You kidding? This is awesome."

"That's what I thought."

So Kon wasn't out at a club getting wasted. Big deal. The hottest girl in the universe was topping the hell out of him, and that was hard to argue with.
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